The pearl dropped from the oyster and broke all sham..!

She sits numb at her bay window. The sky is grey and blurred and the lights outside her window are too bright and flashy for her dull life. The flashbacks make her cringe. The smiles , the joys, the laughter is a gone thing now. The colour of sunset  voices the danger that rests as a beast within  her heart. Her happy self is all lost …….. somewhere far away


Only if she knew she was going to make so many enemies on this journey called Friendship she would prefer to be a recluse but eventually she learned that time doesn’t remain the same as we want it to be . Life is about ups and downs ..highs and lows..but there is magic in being lonely. You often discover your inner capabilities, depend less, trust less and become independent. So she never choose to be a recluse.. time and fate made her one…. you made her one.

     “FriendSHIP is always sailing on a stormy sea.Trust is sham”

With each passing day her strength died and trust broke down. You thought it was her attitude that restricted her to the four walls of her house but did you ever try to understand that it was her emotions that she could not express, the world turned a deaf ear to her sorrows and so she lay numb by the window . In that numbness she realized that its just a phase .. a testing time that god is making her strong for the battle of life. She stood up embraced the air and stepped towards the window only to realize that not all window panes break but some do stand strong . She was a pearl in an oyster that broke free from the sham of life and  patiently prayed for peace..mental peace !



  ( every cloud has a sliver lining.. just wait for your turn peacefully)


Every cloud has a silver lining!

I lay still,unaware of the world around me .The  sorrow within me withdraws me from the world outside .I look out from the window to see the setting sun and hear some hymns on the speaker in the park .But this also fails to provide peace. I feel lost , the nature i would always turn to during my low days doesn’t seem comforting . The books i would turn to for care lie dead on the shelves . Everything seems lost.

I long struggle coming up is going to be really tough for me but i will have to leave my mark and for that i need to work hard . But WORK !! that is a gone thing now . I hardly sit up to eat or read leave aside work hard . I feel trapped in my own life just waiting for one silver lining to bring in joy in my life . Nothing seems to confort me now .. I don’t know what is pulling me away from all that i once loved . Maybe these are the low days of my life but the hope still remains and i will fight and won’t give up for every cloud has a silver lining and mine will appear super soon..!!🌸

Wish you were alive

i wish you were alive 

we would run around in the meadows

i would take you by my hand 

make you take your first step

clap at your success

pillow fight day night

share my deepest secret 

confess my biggest fears

protect you from the worst

keep you safe under my arms

love you and never let you fly away

look into your eyes everytime i felt lost

however this was only possible

if you were alive …

but today i just look up at the stars 


        try to find you lil one…!!!!
         I Love you  .. I miss you!! 


Blood creates relations and Loyality creates Family!! 

true friendship (art- Apoorva Gupta)

In this journey of life, we meet millions of people who come and go,but very few stay back forever. They become a part of this journey of ours. They enhance our life to bring out the best in us.  They  need to be cherished for they become a part of our family and 

Family is not about blood! It is about who is willing to hold our hand when we need it the most!

The importance of such people comes really late to the human mind and when it does we need to love them for what they do to us.

I have also made beautiful relations with some amazing people in the past 20 years of my life and I dedicate this piece of work to all these adorable souls who  have transformed my life for the best .

My two sisters – Sheero (the lil one) and Pishti (the elder one) ,after my parents , are really close to my heart . They crossed my path of life and have stood by me through thick and thin . They have helped me to grow into what i am today – a strong and happy individual. Very few people like these dont just meet up accidently , they cross our path of life for a reason. The reason can be anything but we need to respect and love them forever , because not many of us are blessed to have such good spirited and positive souls in our life and if we do? We must treasure them for life ,for they complete our world. In this journey of life we cannot travel alone-company is what we long for and company is what guides and supports us forever. 

Family is not just associated with blood . What makes a family is loyality , and in today’s time loyality is hard to find. We must respect these loyal realtionships in life for they help in finding our happiness, hope, and courage which is often lost in this cruel world of betrayal.

One must always be contented for nights that turn into morning with friends that turn into family !!  

The threads of relationship weave the cloth of human life!!

At about 01:30 a.m ,when i am unable to put myself to sleep, I stare at the ceiling, wondering about the various relationships we are binded to. Isn’t it shocking to know how WE as a single unit deal with so many people around us. Smiling at each other even when agony fills the core of our heart ,  laughing together even when our hearts are full of hatred for one another, listening to each other peacefully even when we know that we are lying to one another.

How are we able to fake our feelings so easily.?Its because human beings have become like the devil, who has a mask without a face. Our identity has gone missing . We have lost our true self and are running towards killing one another, trying to pull down each other just to draw a veil over our own fallacy . The rat race to be at the first place in life has taken us away from morality .

We all need to look  within oneself to sort  out the amount of chaos developing in our mind and clean the filth of age old hatred embedded in our heart. We should learn to embrace one another with open arms and start a healthy relation with everyone around to get devoid of evils like hatred , betrayal and falsehood.

Don’t let the stains of  strained relationships spoil the beauty of the cloth of human life.

We must learn to forgive and forget. Learn to take a step forward and sort out the tensions in life rather than loose our relationship . Be positive , be happy and make others happy!! SPREAD LOVE