The threads of relationship weave the cloth of human life!!

At about 01:30 a.m ,when i am unable to put myself to sleep, I stare at the ceiling, wondering about the various relationships we are binded to. Isn’t it shocking to know how WE as a single unit deal with so many people around us. Smiling at each other even when agony fills the core of our heart ,  laughing together even when our hearts are full of hatred for one another, listening to each other peacefully even when we know that we are lying to one another.

How are we able to fake our feelings so easily.?Its because human beings have become like the devil, who has a mask without a face. Our identity has gone missing . We have lost our true self and are running towards killing one another, trying to pull down each other just to draw a veil over our own fallacy . The rat race to be at the first place in life has taken us away from morality .

We all need to look  within oneself to sort  out the amount of chaos developing in our mind and clean the filth of age old hatred embedded in our heart. We should learn to embrace one another with open arms and start a healthy relation with everyone around to get devoid of evils like hatred , betrayal and falsehood.

Don’t let the stains of  strained relationships spoil the beauty of the cloth of human life.

We must learn to forgive and forget. Learn to take a step forward and sort out the tensions in life rather than loose our relationship . Be positive , be happy and make others happy!! SPREAD LOVE