Every cloud has a silver lining!

I lay still,unaware of the world around me .The  sorrow within me withdraws me from the world outside .I look out from the window to see the setting sun and hear some hymns on the speaker in the park .But this also fails to provide peace. I feel lost , the nature i would always turn to during my low days doesn’t seem comforting . The books i would turn to for care lie dead on the shelves . Everything seems lost.

I long struggle coming up is going to be really tough for me but i will have to leave my mark and for that i need to work hard . But WORK !! that is a gone thing now . I hardly sit up to eat or read leave aside work hard . I feel trapped in my own life just waiting for one silver lining to bring in joy in my life . Nothing seems to confort me now .. I don’t know what is pulling me away from all that i once loved . Maybe these are the low days of my life but the hope still remains and i will fight and won’t give up for every cloud has a silver lining and mine will appear super soon..!!🌸