The pearl dropped from the oyster and broke all sham..!

She sits numb at her bay window. The sky is grey and blurred and the lights outside her window are too bright and flashy for her dull life. The flashbacks make her cringe. The smiles , the joys, the laughter is a gone thing now. The colour of sunset  voices the danger that rests as a beast within  her heart. Her happy self is all lost …….. somewhere far away


Only if she knew she was going to make so many enemies on this journey called Friendship she would prefer to be a recluse but eventually she learned that time doesn’t remain the same as we want it to be . Life is about ups and downs ..highs and lows..but there is magic in being lonely. You often discover your inner capabilities, depend less, trust less and become independent. So she never choose to be a recluse.. time and fate made her one…. you made her one.

     “FriendSHIP is always sailing on a stormy sea.Trust is sham”

With each passing day her strength died and trust broke down. You thought it was her attitude that restricted her to the four walls of her house but did you ever try to understand that it was her emotions that she could not express, the world turned a deaf ear to her sorrows and so she lay numb by the window . In that numbness she realized that its just a phase .. a testing time that god is making her strong for the battle of life. She stood up embraced the air and stepped towards the window only to realize that not all window panes break but some do stand strong . She was a pearl in an oyster that broke free from the sham of life and  patiently prayed for peace..mental peace !



  ( every cloud has a sliver lining.. just wait for your turn peacefully)