Connecting over Reconnect drive

I was moving about in my room one day, sipping tea and discusing about work and study with a friend when she laid her eyes on my typewriter. At first amazed at my collection and love for antique things, she came up with the idea of typing out letters and building a network of buyers who loved writing. At first the idea sounded a little vague because in the times of social media who would want to write a letter to family or friend unlike some jugheads like me. On dwelling deep into the concept we decided to run a poll on Instagram that would invite response on the idea of receiving a letter, and to my astonishment the response was in support of the idea and thats where ReconnectDrive sprouted. Initially just the two of us worked on a few concepts, shared with a few friends and when we sent in the first lot of free letters to old friends and colleagues, the response we received was heart warming. We went a step further and added another friend to the writing team and thats how we typed and spread love. Old friends united, people placed orders for Rakhi and Diwali , buddies were invited over birthday parties and the typing went on. Some months later we introduced the concept of typed postcards which too became a hit. Writing, typing and reconnecting with lost friends the events kept moving forward and Reconnect completed a year this month.

The love for letters should never end, social media can never replace the charm of musk fragranced letters and one would drown in life without friends and family. Reconnect is all about love, letters, family, friends and expression.Its all about three things: live, write and reconnect!


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